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Storms of Steel 3rd Edition + The Marsh, 3rd Ed Expansion (Citadel Bundle)

This Pre-Order Bundle Includes:

Storms of Steel 3rd Ed
Northern Front Firefight Book
The Marsh 3rd Ed Expansion

*English language

CoH: Storms of Steel 3rd Edition

Take Command of the largest tank battle in history with tanks, airplanes, artillery, and more at your disposal in this award-winning WWII  wargame.

*English language

Northern Front Firefight Book

Northern Front Firefight Book features all new firefights for Conflict of Heroes!

*English language

Storms of Steel 3rd Ed Signature Decal

Signature decal for Storms of Steel 3rd Ed!

The Marsh 3rd Edition Expansion

The Marsh 3rd Edition features Map Board 06 for the Conflict of Heroes series and all new firefights!

*English language

CoH: Line of Sight Reel

Line of Sight Tool for use with Conflict of Heroes games!

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