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Storms of Steel 3rd Edition + The Marsh, 3rd Ed Expansion (Citadel Bundle)

This Pre-Order Bundle Includes:

Storms of Steel 3rd Ed
Northern Front Firefight Book
The Marsh 3rd Ed Expansion

*English language

Northern Front Firefight Book

Northern Front Firefight Book features all new firefights for Conflict of Heroes!

*English language

The Marsh 3rd Edition Expansion

The Marsh 3rd Edition features Map Board 06 for the Conflict of Heroes series and all new firefights!

*English language

Storms of Steel 3rd Ed Signature Decal

Signature decal for Storms of Steel 3rd Ed!

CoH: Storms of Steel 3rd Edition

Take Command of the largest tank battle in history with tanks, airplanes, artillery, and more at your disposal in this award-winning WWII  wargame.

*English language

CoH: Line of Sight Reel

Line of Sight Tool for use with Conflict of Heroes games!

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