Stellaris Infinite Legacy
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Deluxe Edition - Late Pledge

Discover everything the universe of Stellaris Infinite Legacy has to offer with 2 to 6 players. This pledge level includes all unlocked Stretch Goals (shipped in the Frontiers Expansion box) and the Empires Expansion that adds the 5th and 6th players. 


  • Stellaris Infinite Legacy Board Game ($150)
  • Frontiers Expansion ($65) - All new Technologies, Story Paths and more. Includes ALL Kickstarter Stretch Goals.
  • Empires Expansion ($65) - Adds 5th and 6th players

We will be collecting shipping and VAT costs once the game is ready to ship and we have the exact weights and sizes. Crowd Ox will send you another email at that time.  
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Stellaris Infinite Legacy Board Game

Everything you need to explore the galaxies of Stellaris with 2 to 4 players.

This pledge level does not include unlocked Stretch Goals.

Shipping and VAT costs will be billed later this year, when we are close to shipping. We are trying to minimize your costs, so are waiting until we know the exact game weight. We will be sending you another Pledge Manager email at that time.

Frontiers Expansion

This huge expansion Includes all of the Kickstarter Stretch Goals, including Miniatures, over 1000 cards of Story Paths and new Technologies, and much more.

Empires Expansion (Adds 5th and 6th Players)

This huge expansion includes extra Player Trays, Star System Trays, Empire Cards, Spaceship and Starbase Miniatures, Player Screens, Fleet Tracks, and everything else needed for the 5th and 6th players. 

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