Shiver Me Timbers
A Strategic Pirate Sandbox Game

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First Mate's Pledge

This reward level contains the Shiver Me Timbers Base Game in English or German, as well as all Stretch Goals unlocked during the Campaign. It also grants you access to our digital assets (Wallpapers, PnP version of the game).

Shiver Me Timbers (Base Game) / Schrecken der Meere (Basisspiel)

Shiver Me Timbers is a Strategic Pirate Sandbox Game with Modular Miniatures. The base game is designed for 2-4 players ages 14+. It contains all Stretch Goals unlocked during the Kickstarter campaign.

Schrecken der Meere ist ein strategisches Piratenspiel mit einer offenen Welt und modularen Miniaturen. Das Basisspiel ist für 2-4 Spieler ab 14 Jahren ausgelegt. Es enthält alle im Rahmen der Kickstarter-Kampagne freigeschalteten Stretch Goals.

Digital Wallpaper Suite and Print 'n' Play Edition

Your pledge also contains the digital rewards named above. 

You can download the wallpapers at: 

The PnP will be made available under the same link as soon as we have finalized the artwork for the new components unlocked during the campaign.    

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