Adventure and Discovery during the Age of Sail

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Salt & Sail Deluxe - Map Art

If you enjoy map art, this limited pledge level is for you. Includes base game, expansion, add-ons and stretch goals. PLUS, an original ink map drawing from our catographer Giacomo Pantalone. 

Note: Shipping locations are limited due to the sensitive nature of the art piece. Contact us to verify your location before making this pledge level.

Salt & Sail - Deluxe with Map

Do you like map art? Get an ORIGINAL ink drawing from our map artist Giacomo, with his monogram. Includes Salt & Sail base game. Includes bonus promos and Uncharted Waters mini-expansion--PLUS all Kickstarter Limited add-ons:

- Wood Tokens

- Rewritable Discovery Cards

- Metal Coins

Pledge now for $299
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