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Route 66, The Mother Road
Get one copy of Route 66, The Mother Road Edition ($40 MSRP) for a great discount and the earliest possible delivery. Plus -- Backers at this level receive The Great Races game and scorepad (a $3 MSRP) for free. Over a 30% discount!Note: Shipping will be collected after the campaign in our pledge manager. See the shipping section of the campaign page for more details.
The Great Races

The Great Races, the original 1974 Roll and Write by Sid Sackson consists of a 25 page (50 copies) scorepad and the rules necessary to play one of the earliest-ever roll and write games (you can use the 4 dice provided in The Mother Road to play The Great Races).

The Mother Road, Route 66

The Mother Road is a press-your-luck race across Route 66 by 2-4 players (5 can play if using the Pink Cadillac expansion).

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