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Sixes for Route 66
U.S. & CANADA ONLYOne copy of Sixes (MSRP $12), the portable party game for all ages, travel size and a perfect compliment to your Route 66 travel package of games.Note: Shipping will be collected after the campaign in our pledge manager. See the shipping section of the campaign page for more details.
Sixes: The Route 66 Party Game

Sixes is a Mensa recommended party game for 3-8 players attempting to write down answers that are the same...or different! In some rounds, you're trying to think of words unique to a category (like "Bad Smells"), but in other rounds, you're trying to think of words that will match those of other players. You've got 60 seconds to write your six best answers! The player with the most points after six rounds is the winner.

Sixes is game #6 in our E.G.G. Pocket Size Game Series.

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