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Almost Half a Baker's Dozen - Games x5

Have some friends in the area that all want a slice of the pie? Or maybe you're just getting ready for Christmas! So whether you're looking to minimise shipping costs, or get a cheeky discount on 5 games, this is the one for you! Please see FAQ for more information!

Small Beans - Digital P&P Version

If you don't want too much dip on your chip, you can now get a digital Print and Play version of the game to try it out!

Digital (Print and Play) version of the game (ages 6+)

Expected delivery November 2020

5 Recipe for Disaster: Deluxe Games
Bun in the Oven - Kickstarter Exclusive (we are keeping it on for the latecomers)

Waiting for the game to prove is the hardest thing you have to do, we will cook up the cards and get them to you asap. Get one for our Kickstarter exclusive price and save 10% over MSRP

Shipping and VAT will all be calculated and charged just prior to shipping. Please see FAQ for more information!


  • 1 Core game, Recipe for Disaster (ages 6+)
  • Digital (Print and Play) version of the game (ages 6+)



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