Reality Shift - 3D Racing
Race, Hack, and Win in the fast-paced 3D racing board game set in a retro-virtual world. ALL Stretch Goals Unlocked!

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Reality Shift - Deluxe Super Track Late Pledge

This bundle includes one Deluxe Reality Shift Edition, plus a copy of the Retail Reality Shift Edition, giving you a total of 21 x Large 3D Magnetic 65mm Track Cubes. These allows you to build and race on the large Super Track Layouts that are included with this pledge!

  • 1 x Reality Shift (retail edition).
  • 1 x Reality Shift Deluxe Edition (which includes ALL Stretch Goals).
Reality Shift

Reality Shift Includes:

  • 9 x Large 3D Magnetic 65mm Track Cubes
  • 4 x Light Bike Miniatures
  • 48 x Action Cards
  • 1 x Custom Speed Die
  • 7 x Checkpoint Cards 
  • 4 x Player Reference Cards
  • 1 x Rulebook.

(Does not include unlocked Stretch Goals.)

Reality Shift - Deluxe Edition

Reality Shift Deluxe includes the Reality Shift Base game components listed above plus all unlocked Stretch Goals:

  • 3 x Large 3D Magnetic 65mm Track Cubes, including the White Hole Cube, Vortex Cube, and Portal Cube.
  • 1 x White Light Bike Miniature and Reference Card allowing you to race up to 5 players at once.
  • 18 x Power Up Cards for the optional Battle Mode.
  • 1 x Double Sided Mounted Grid Board that makes it easy to rotate your Track and see it from all angles.  The reverse side includes Light Bike Paths and Portals that allow different paths for victory.
  • 1 x Deluxe Rulebook that includes additional Game Modes, Track Setups, and more!

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