Reality Shift - 3D Racing
Race, Hack, and Win in the fast-paced 3D racing board game set in a retro-virtual world. ALL Stretch Goals Unlocked!

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Reality Shift - Deluxe Super Track

This bundle includes one Deluxe Kickstarter Reality Shift Edition, plus a copy of the Retail Reality Shift Edition, giving you a total of 21 x 3D Magnetic 65mm Track Cubes. This allows you to build and race on the larger Super Tracks layouts that are included with this pledge!
You get: 1x Reality Shift Deluxe Edition (which includes ALL Stretch Goals and the Supertrack Book), 1x Reality Shift (retail edition).

Reality Shift

The retail version of Reality Shift.

Includes: 9 x 3D Magnetic 65mm Track Cubes, 4 x Light Racers, 48 x Action Cards, 1 x Custom Speed Die, 7 x Checkpoint 

Cards, 4 x Player Cards, Rulebook. 

(Does not include unlocked Stretch Goals.)

Reality Shift - Deluxe Edition

The Deluxe Kickstarter version of Reality Shift. (Includes all unlocked Stretch Goals!)

Includes: 12 x 3D Magnetic 65mm Track Cubes, 5 x Light Racer Miniatures, 5 x Player Cards, 48 x Action Cards, 1 x Custom Speed Die, 8 x SuperTrack Layouts, 360mm Double Sided Mounted Grid Board, Power Ups Card Deck, Battle Mode Expansion, Power Cubes, Rulebook.

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