R72 Modular Vest
for Adventures to Emergencies

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One R72 Grab&Go Vest + Gear Bundle

↳ Save $60 + discounted shippingGet one R72 Grab&Go Vest for Adventures & EmergenciesINCLUDES:One (1) R72 Grab&Go Vest+ 1 full set of R72 mod bags (8)+ 1 set of R72 liners (3)+ 1 R72 multi-purpose packaging+ 1 R72 tube tent+ 1 R72 decal

Retail: $300 + standard shipping

R72 Vest + 8 Modular Bags + Tube Tent

25+ Features | Military Grade | 8 Modular Bags | 3 Removable Flotation Liners | Tube Tent | 1 Size Fits Most | Adventures & Emergencies


One (1) R72 Grab&Go Vest

+ 1 full set of R72 mod bags (8)

+ 1 set of R72 liners (3)

+ 1 R72 multi-purpose packaging

+ 1 R72 tube tent

+ 1 R72 decal

R72 Knife

R72 knife features: Heavy-duty spring assist, 10 ounces, belt cutter, glass breaker, deep clip,- may assist during adventures and emergencies, R72 branded box

R72 Richardson Hat Black

Look & feel good in your own R72 hat - Richardson 112 Premium Brand. Your next favorite hat!

Add-on: R72 Tactical Pen

Add-on Price: $11.99   Retail Price: $15.99

The R72 Tactical Pen package includes: 1 R72 gift box, 1 tactical pen and 2 refill ink cartridges stainless steel

Emergency glass breaker: The tactical pen cap is made of tungsten steel, and the pen body is made of aerospace grade aluminum, which has excellent strength and portability. Break the window to escape in an emergency

Security: Hidden, low-key, unique attackers can suddenly have amazing attack capabilities, protect themselves from attackers and identify with DNA collectors

Writing: A comfortable tactical pen with a round nib. Suitable for everyday use or emergency situations

Practical: Suitable for everyday use, travel or outdoor activities. Head design, handle thread design, excellent slip resistance

R72 72-Hour Kit Guide for Emergencies & Adventures

Ready and Relax, that's what the R in R72 stands for! For $1, we will email you the "R72 72-Hour Kit Guide for Emergencies & Adventures" for you to print and use to prepare your 72-hour kit(s). The guidance is verified by safety & emergency experts and medical professionals. Tremendous value for a buck! Can't financially contribute to the R72 campaign? We got you. Simply share this campaign on social media, then shoot us an e-mail at rseventytwo@gmail.com so that we can send you the FREE PDF. Thanks!

R72 Vest Owner's Manual

R72 Vest Owner's Manual (PDF). 

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