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The Eternal Fields

1x Petrichor Base Game
1x Collector’s Edition Upgrade Kit
1x Petrichor: Cows Expansion
1x Petrichor: Flowers Expansion
1x Petrichor: Honeybee Expansion
1x Anthill, Lake, and Cactus Promo Tiles

Also includes all Kickstarter unlocked stretch goals packaged together in the Collector's Promo Pack!

This pledge level is for those new to Petrichor and want the complete collection, including the Collector's Edition Upgrage Kit and all the promo tiles and expansions ever released.

Petrichor: Base Game

In Petrichor, you are a cloud. You use weather to your advantage to make sure you are the one responsible for growing the most crops. This would be an easy task, if the other clouds weren't on the same quest too! So prepare for some mischief in the sky as you trick and outsmart your friends to make sure you are reigning cloud! (...yes we went there).

Petrichor: Flowers Expansion

Petrichor: Flowers is an expansion to the Petrichor base game.

It adds 3 new types of tiles each changing up the Petrichor formula in unique ways, special player powers for each player, and the Forecast expansion module which adds a new type of playable action card.

Petrichor: Honeybee Expansion

Pollinate your apple trees, your blueberry bushes, or your watermelon, collect more honey than your opponents, and use the bee to sneak into tiles where nobody expected you to get to!

The Honeybee expansion is for 1-4 players (including full solo support), and if combined with the Flowers expansion it also supports 5 player mode.

Petrichor just got sweeter.

Lake Promo Tile

What if the crops were surrounded by a lake? The lake promo adds a body of water to the crop tiles enabling wind draughts that allow for faster movement across the board and faster evaporation.

Cactus Promo Tile

More water is not always better, some plants can be ruined if overwatered. The cactus produces higher quality fruit with more sparse water availability.

Anthill Promo Tile

The anthill introduces another force of nature - Ants. Use them to your advantage with their capability of moving moisture around the board.

Petrichor: Collectors Edition Upgrade Kit

Get the Deluxe Edition treatment of the highly acclaimed game of Petrichor.

Featuring a newly illustrated cover by iella and finished off with a spot of UV coating.

Custom molded floating clouds

Complete and unified rulebook that includes rules for the Petrichor base bage and all expansions in one place

Full custom storage solution in collaboration with GameTrayz:

- Individual trays for each player
- Customized trays for tokens, cards and tiles
- Fits all content ever created, including sleeved cards!
- Custom tray to hold the new floating clouds

Petrichor: Cows Expansion

Petrichor: Cows, the final expansion, adds COWS to the mix, bringing with it:

- The new Graze Action allows players to move the cows, produce manure, manipulate methan crystals and effect the world's climate.

- The Climate Board tracks the climate and related events.

- And a whole new set of Climate Sensitive Trees: The Norway Spruce, The Date Pal, The Sweet Chestnut, The Baobab.

The Cows Expansion is compatible with both the Honeybee and Flowers expansions and supports Southern Winds solo mode. 

Collector's Promo Pack

Contains all unlocked stretch goals from the KS Campaign

- 8 New Promo Tiles: Volcano, Alfalfa,  Biodome, Blackberry, Cloudberry, Snapdragon, Sunflower, Venus Flytrap , Volcano

- Fog Catchers Mini Expansion

- Wonders Mini Expansion

- Orchids Mini Expansion

- Crop Rotation Mini Expansion

- Assorted tokens needed for the specific crops

- 14 Promo Cards: 5 cards Meteorologist Pack, 1 Player Power, 8 Extreme Weather Events & the rare Swarming Card

- Terrain Mini-Expansion (5 Meeples)

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