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Greener Pasture

1x Petrichor: Cows Expansion

Also includes all Kickstarter unlocked stretch goals packaged together in the Collector's Promo Pack!

This pledge level is for those who own the base game (and optionally Honeybee and Flowers) and only want the cows expansion

Petrichor: Cows Expansion

Petrichor: Cows, the final expansion, adds COWS to the mix, bringing with it:

- The new Graze Action allows players to move the cows, produce manure, manipulate methan crystals and effect the world's climate.

- The Climate Board tracks the climate and related events.

- And a whole new set of Climate Sensitive Trees: The Norway Spruce, The Date Pal, The Sweet Chestnut, The Baobab.

The Cows Expansion is compatible with both the Honeybee and Flowers expansions and supports Southern Winds solo mode. 

Collector's Promo Pack

Contains all unlocked stretch goals from the KS Campaign

- 8 New Promo Tiles: Volcano, Alfalfa,  Biodome, Blackberry, Cloudberry, Snapdragon, Sunflower, Venus Flytrap , Volcano

- Fog Catchers Mini Expansion

- Wonders Mini Expansion

- Orchids Mini Expansion

- Crop Rotation Mini Expansion

- Assorted tokens needed for the specific crops

- 14 Promo Cards: 5 cards Meteorologist Pack, 1 Player Power, 8 Extreme Weather Events & the rare Swarming Card

- Terrain Mini-Expansion (5 Meeples)

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