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Celebrate the US National Parks around the table

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Pre-order a copy of PARKS along with it's first expansion, Nightfall. (delivers October 2020)

PARKS: Base Game

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Click "show more" to learn more about the game, discover which US National Parks are included in the game, and watch a fox talk about his experience in the suburbs.

From the creators of Campy Creatures, Caper, Space Park, and Control comes PARKS! PARKS is a celebration of the US National Parks created in partnership with the Fifty-Nine Parks Print Series. If you love the National Parks, you will love this board game! 

In PARKS, players will take on the role of two hikers as they trek different trails across four seasons. While on the trail, these hikers will take actions and collect memories of the places your hikers visit. These memories are represented by various resource tokens like mountains, forests, and wildlife. Collecting these memories in sets will allow players to trade them in to visit a National Park at the end of each hike.

Each trail represents one season of the year, and each season, the trails will change and grow steadily longer. The trails, represented by tiles, get shuffled in between each season and laid out anew for the next round. Resources can be tough to come by especially when someone is at the place you’re trying to reach! Campfires allow you to share a space and time with other hikers. Canteens and Gear can also be used to improve your access to resources through the game. Welcome to PARKS!

Hear what Mr Fox has to say 

National Parks included in the game:

  • Arches
  • Badlands
  • Big Bend 
  • Biscayne
  • Black Canyon
  • Bryce Canyon
  • Capitol Reef 
  • Carlsbad Caverns
  • Channel Islands
  • Congaree
  • Cuyahoga Valley
  • Denali
  • Dry Tortugas
  • Everglades
  • Gates of the Arctic
  • Gateway Arch
  • Glacier Bay
  • Grand Canyon
  • Great Basin
  • Great Sand Dunes
  • Great Smoky Mountains
  • Guadalupe Mountains
  • Haleakala
  • Isle Royale
  • Joshua Tree
  • Kenai Fjords
  • Kings Canyon
  • Lassen Volcanic
  • Mammoth Cave
  • Mesa Verde
  • Mount Rainier
  • North Cascades
  • Olympic
  • Rocky Mountain
  • Saguaro
  • Sequoia
  • Shenandoah
  • Theodore Roosevelt
  • Virgin Islands
  • Wrangell-St. Elias
  • Yellowstone
  • Yosemite
  • Zion

In the box you'll find:

48 unique illustrations featuring 45 US National Parks from over 35 artists
104 Wood resource tokens include 12 unique wildlife tokens representing some of the most iconic animals that can be seen in the National Parks today
1 box organizer and 2 removable resource trays with lids to make table storage and clean up easy - designed by Game Trayz
15 unique chipboard photo tokens and 1 camera token reflecting significant moments in your hikers' journey
Hike the trail solo or with up to 4 of your friends in under 60 mins.

PARKS Expansion: Nightfall

Includes errata from the 1st printing of Parks (2 Park Cards, 1 Mountain and 1 Forest Token)

Click "show more" to see which the parks are included in the game.

The national parks exist to preserve many wonders of nature, but they also harbor some of the darkest skies and clearest views of the stars. This is the reason you might hear the saying “Half the Park is after Dark.” It is the inspiration for PARKS Expansion: Nightfall.

Nightfall offers a whole new year of hiking for PARKS lovers to explore. It includes 24 new Park cards that reward instant actions when visited, a new Year deck along with ways to obtain new Year Cards while hiking, plus the introduction of Camping, which grants powerful once per season actions to those hikers that do not dally on the trail.

PARKS Included:

  • Arches
  • Big Bend
  • Canyonlands
  • Canyonlands
  • Crater Lake
  • Death Valley
  • Denali (Day Variant)
  • Glacier
  • Grand Teton
  • Hawaii Volcanoes
  • Hot Springs
  • Indiana Dunes
  • Katmai
  • Kobuk Valley
  • Lake Clark
  • Petrified Forest
  • Pinnacles
  • Redwood
  • Rocky Mountian
  • Voyageurs
  • White Sands
  • Wind Cave
  • Zion
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