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Lunar Landing Deluxe Ed Pledge

Lunar Landing Deluxe Edition Late-Backer Pledge

Pledge: $75  (Not available through Distribution)

Your Lunar Landing Late-Backer Pledge includes:
One Small Step Boardgame
+ Unlocked Kickstarter Stretch Goals which include:

Miniatures Expansion with 10x Apollo 11 Command Modules, 10x Mariner 9 Satellites, 10x Soyuz 7K Orbital Crafts, 10x Luna 3 Satellites, 4x Engineer and 4x Administrator Figures.

Mission Control Expansion with 2 full Earth Action Space Tile Sheets and an Action Cards Expansion Deck.

Hidden Heroes Events Deck

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One Small Step


  • One Small Step Board Game
One Small Step - Historic Miniatures

Use miniatures in place of the counters and meeples included in the game.


  • 2 red USSR Engineers Workers
  • 2 red USSR Administrator Workers
  • 2 blue USA Engineers Workers
  • 2 blue USA Administrator Workers
  • 10 red USSR Satellites
  • 10 red USSR Capsules
  • 10 blue USA Satellites
  • 10 blue USA Capsules
One Small Step - Mission Control Expansion

Stretch Goals Pack 1

Includes 20 Earth Tiles

One Small Step - Directors Expansion

Stretch Goals Pack 2


  • 6 Director Cards
  • 2 Soviet Crewed Missions
  • 2 USA Crewed Missions
  • 4 Event Cards
  • 4 Advancement Cards
One Small Step - Hidden Heroes Card Pack

Stretch Goals Pack 3

Includes 11 Hidden Heroes Personnel Cards.

Pledge now for $75
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