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Armaggedon (60 Sets)

Enough terrain for small tournaments and gaming clubs. Includes any sixty (60) Monster Terrain sets of your choice. All FREE stretch goals unlocked for your terrain sets. Shipping NOT included.

60 Set Choices

Choose the Appropriate Number of Sets for your Pledge Level.


Social Goal Reward

1 Signpost

Monster Fight Club Soft Rubber Patch

Social Goal Reward

1 PVC Patch with Hook & Loop Backing

Special Delivery Pack

Stretch Goal Reward

3 Ladders, 2 Barrels, & 2 Crates

Elemental Crystal

Stretch Goal Reward

1 Random Crystal & 1 Rock Base (crystal style & color will be random)

Hidden Cave

Stretch Goal Reward

1 Small Rock Hill with Cave Opening & 1 Vine Cover

Tree Stand

Stretch Goal Reward

1 Tree Stand & 1 Climbing Rope

Darkraven Games Audio Sampler

Stretch Goal Reward - courtesy of Darkraven Games

Audio Soundscapes for Games

  • Forest of the Necromancer - 120 minutes
  • Darkraven Sampler - 90 minutes
  • Vivat Imperium - 120 minutes
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