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Adventure (3 Sets)

Enough terrain for a small table. Includes any three (3) Monster Terrain sets of your choice. All FREE stretch goals unlocked for your terrain sets. Shipping NOT included.

3 Set Choices

Choose the Appropriate Number of Sets for your Pledge Level.


Social Goal Reward

1 Signpost

Special Delivery Pack

Stretch Goal Reward

3 Ladders, 2 Barrels, & 2 Crates

Elemental Crystal

Stretch Goal Reward

1 Random Crystal & 1 Rock Base (crystal style & color will be random)

Tree Stand

Stretch Goal Reward

1 Tree Stand & 1 Climbing Rope

Darkraven Games Audio Sampler

Stretch Goal Reward - courtesy of Darkraven Games

Audio Soundscapes for Games

  • Forest of the Necromancer - 120 minutes
  • Darkraven Sampler - 90 minutes
  • Vivat Imperium - 120 minutes
Monster Fight Club Soft Rubber Patches - Retailer

Social Goal Reward

10 PVC Patches with Hook & Loop Backing

Pre-Order now for $110
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