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An enigmatic corporate head amasses power in a dystopian world, entangling the ultra-lethal, black magic strike force, MetalShade, in her web of mysterious machinations.

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Reward #000 - [DOUBLE DELUXE]

This package includes both issues 1 & 2 for those who want to catch up:

  • Digital PDF copy of METALSHADE #1
  • Digital PDF copy of METALSHADE #2
  • Exclusive digital PC wallpaper
  • Exclusive phone wallpaper
  • Extra eight pages of art by the series creators
  • Plus all unlocked digital stretch-goal rewards
METALSHADE #2 - Digital Deluxe

- Digital PDF of METALSHADE issue two
- Exclusive digital PC wallpaper
- Exclusive phone wallpaper
- Extra eight pages of art by the series creators
- Includes digital stretch-goal rewards/freebies

NOTE: Does not include physical freebies or add-ons

METALSHADE #1 - Digital Book

- Digital PDF copy of the very first issue of METALSHADE by Izik Bell & Alexa Lo

Metalshade is a lethal strike team of exotic, weirdly-powered antiheroes. Their reckless, anarchistic nature is balanced only by the flawless, surgical precision of their enigmatic leader Director Aeryn Thorn.

METALSHADE #2 - Stretch Goal Freebie Pack

A collection of free items that we unlocked together during the campaign! This freebie pack will be included in your shipment.

Digital book pledges receive digital stretch-reward freebies only.

Items included for physical pledges (art drawn by Izik & colored by Alexa unless otherwise stated):

  • Holographic die-cut METALSHADE logo sticker
  • Vinyl die-cut Grumblr sticker
  • Vinyl die-cut Riplocke chibi sticker by Alexa
  • One randomly selected collectible button (of a choice of six)
  • Double-sided bookmark of Shrine
  • Double-sided NSFW bookmark of Lexxia by Alexa
  • 4"x6" mini print of Shrine (pledges $100+ receive a holographic version)
  • Fridge magnet with art by Izik & Alexa, colored by Kevin Anthony De Castro
  • Fridge magnet of Lexxia by Alexa
  • Double-sided 5"x7" small print with art drawn by Pow Rodrix & colored by Kevin Anthony De Castro
  • All un-enhanced standard comics become upgraded with foil logos
  • All pledges $100+ receive a metal trading card of Vexxa
  • All pledges $300+ receive an exclusive METALSHADE #2 Shrine Variant with a metal laminate finish
  • HD PC wallpaper of a Shrine & Riplocke spread
  • HD PC wallpaper of the Metal Jam connecting cover variants
  • HD phone wallpaper of the team
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