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All 3—Magic, Storytellers & Combat description cards PDFs only + writer's grid. No Stretch goals are included in the Reward.

Magic Description Cards PDF

100 Cards | System Neutral | PDF File | Printable | Large sized Card |

Over 600 System Neutral Ways to Describe Spell Casting and Spell Effects.

This storytelling tool will:
•Encourages writers to show the spell casting and spell effects of strikes, not just say it was Magic.
•Adds depth and drama to any of your story's combat scenes and epic magic scenes.
•Is great for Gamemasters who wish to better express their players' Spell Casting and Spell Effects.
* Players can have cards that describe their character's Spell Casting and Spell Effects.
•Can tip your essay, blog, novel or gaming table from good to great!
•Is written for any genre.
•By design, is system neutral and super flexible.
•Is both a reference and a brainstorming tool.
•Offers fresh ways to describe death blows via Magic.

Storyteller's Deck PDF

This 80-card pdf is filled with inspiring ways to describe the delicate nuances of your world. Each card contains action words to spark the imagination, followed by multiple examples of their use.

Broken up into 6 individual sets, each set is separately illustrated by Rafael Dorsz and prints on large 4.25” x 2.75” (Tarot-sized) cards.

The 80 Cards are broken down into 6 sets, they are:

• Ill Intent Cards: (12 Cards) Depict your villains

• Expressions Cards: (12 Cards) Depict your Expressions, Emotions, Reactions, and Feelings.

• Character Distinctions Cards: (12 Cards) The First Step to Making Your Characters Instantly Memorable.

• Environment Cards: (12 Cards) Describe Memorable Landscapes

• Pain Cards: (12 Cards) How Do You Describe Pain?

• Labyrinth Cards: (12 Cards) Describing Labyrinths, dungeon, and underground settings

Combat Description Cards PDF

Combat Description Cards for Writers, Storytellers, and GMs: Over 700 ways to describe combat. Written by novelist and organized by storytellers.

How to describe Combat? Written by professional storytellers and novelist, these cards are designed to improve your combat narrative by supplying hundreds of actions words and examples of their use. Each card can be randomly drawn from this 120 card deck for a list of inspirational written examples.

The cards are divided into three types of weapons

and Slashing
These are broken down even farther, by three different styles of actions.

and Ranged.
Pick the card that fits the type of weapon you need to use for the story. On that card, in bold letters, will be three descriptive words, based on the style of action, a finesse type of strike, a power type of strike, or arranged type of strike. You will have a word that will help enhance your combat storytelling.

It’s that easy!

The cards are general enough that it will be easy to fill in your story with your own details but imaginative and flavorful enough to add to the story.

Writer's & GM Screen PDF

Improve Your Combat Narrative at a Glance!

This beautiful 4-panel screen features magnificent art by Rafael Dorsz on the outer panels. On the inside you will find hundreds of inspirational examples of ways you can describe characters in intense fantasy combat. Strategically organized by the type of damage the character wishes to inflict and the fighting style the character is performing. The types of damage include: BLUNT—Damage caused by non-penetrating force; SLASHING—Damage caused by a sharp edge; and PIERCING—Damage caused by a sharp point. The combat styles include: FINESSE—A character who fights with style and grace, such as the Swashbuckler or Martial Artist; POWER—A character whose fight is based on strength and vigor, such as the Barbarian or Thug; and RANGE—A character who is using a thrown or distance weapon such as a javelin or bow. Simple inspiration at a glance!

Plus Additional descriptions from the ‘Description Cards Storytelling Deck

Writer's Grid (All Description Cards in a editable excel file)

Thousands of ways to describe combat, magic and so much more. Written by novelist and organized by storytellers.

All the descriptions from the following products
• Storyteller's Deck
• Magic Description Cards (includes Magic Barriers and Spell Failures)
• Combat Description Cards

Please Note: This product contains multiple files for compatibility purposes.

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