Lord of the Chords
The Punniest Music Theory Card Game

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Major Bundle: Base Game + Expansion (16% OFF)

❤️ by 616 Bach-ers. 

Est. $59 USD 

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  • Lord of the Chords Base Game [Foil]
  • "Who Let The Chords Out?" Expansion Pack [Foil]
  • Piano Box
Lord of the Chords: Base Game

Est. $38 USD


"Brilliant. The whole family is playing this addictive game. only one of us knows anything about music theory but we are learning quickly because we all want to be Lord of the Chords! So many puns and cheesy graphics, it's hilarious."

- Cat F.

Enjoy major family fun with music! Be the first to collect 3 Chords without getting your chords stolen, Chopin-ed, or Blocked...Chord Blocked! V-I (perfect) as a gift!


  • 52 Note Cards
  • 44 Action Cards
  • 13 Instrument Tiles
  • 12 Key Signature Tiles
  • 20 Accidental Tokens
  • Cloth Bag
  • Rulebook

Rulebook comes with different rules and setup for easy, intermediate and normal modes. Also includes Allegro Mode mini-game!

"Who Let The Chords Out?" Expansion Packs + Piano Box

Est. $25 USD


"Loved this extension pack! Makes the game even better!"

- Tatis M.

Expansion to Lord of the Chords. 5 times more hilarious punny Action cards. Beautiful and portable piano box to keep everything neatly. Advanced Chords, Cadences, and Instrument Upgrades to augment your geekiness!


  • Piano Box
  • Advanced Chords Pack [Foil]
  • Composer Pack [Foil]
  • Modulation Pack [Foil]
  • Essentials Pack [Foil]
  • Conductor Pack [Foil]

The default is Foil for all the cards. If you want the non-foil version, please select under the "Finish" Option*.

*The foil cards are very nice but will be slightly darker than the non-foil cards.

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