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Interval Initiate

❤️ by 201 Bach-ers. 

Est. $30 USD

Interval Initiate is a fast-paced game of Interval deduction and slapping (you just slap the cards, not your friends! 🤣). Form the strongest team of Initiates over 3 phases and see who can collect the most Intervals! Pick from Initiates like Rogue-maninoff, Bach-barian, Debussniper and more!

Tension, strategy and fun guaranteed. 

Did we mention you'll learn all your Intervals along the way?

Interval Initiate

Est. 25 USD (17% OFF Retail Price of $30)


“Lord of the Chords does it again - Hilarious puns and truly musical fun gameplay. I love the Interval Wheel” 

- Ben Y.

Easily squeeze in a frantic game of Interval Initiate into your day with this game’s fast-paced gameplay. Join forces with hilarious initiates like Bach-barian, Debussniper, Shostako-wizard, Rogue-maninoff and more!

  1. Choose 1 of 25 punny Initiates 
  2. Win as many Intervals as you can in real-time by quickly slapping the right Interval cards when the notes are revealed
  3. Assemble your epic team of Initiates to help you win more Intervals at the end of every round. The player with the most Intervals wins!

And if you're unsure about the Interval, you can always refer to the colorful Interval Wheel to double-check!

Last player for each round gets to recruit a Hero with special abilities so that come-bachs are frequently orchestrated and victory is never assured till the very last SLAP!


  • 84 Note Cards (Different from those in LOTC)
  • 41 Interval Cards
  • 20 Initiates
  • 5 Heroes
  • Epic Intervals Wheel
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