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Sure, you'll be able to stream and download Season 13 through The Gizmoplex. But... what happens if the internet disappears!? 

Don't risk being caught without our new episodes: reserve your MST3K SEASON 13 COLLECTOR'S BOX SET, on your choice of charmingly dated DVD or Blu-Ray. 

You'll also score the #MakeMoreMST3K CHALLENGE COIN "BACKER" EDITION. It's the perfect evidence for proving to your great-grandchildren that, way back in 2021, you were a founding supporter of The Gizmoplex: the first cineplex on the moon! 

And, while you're waiting for the new episodes to arrive, relive even *more* classics with the MST3K CLASSIC DELUXE PACK: a total of TEN fan-favorite episodes of MST3K, hand-selected by Joel, and yours to stream and download! 

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1.250 - Season 13 Collector's Box Set (DVD/BD)
MERGE - The MST3K Challenge Coin: Backer
1.250 - Download: 10 Classic Episodes
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