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Get a first look at the future of MST3K with a 3 MONTH Gizmoplex Pass: your ticket to LIVE ONLINE PREMIERES of our next 3 new episodes, 24/7 watch parties, and much more! Plus, we'll sing your praises on social media AND add you to the "nice list" for this year's MST3K Holiday Card!
1.035 - Gizmoplex Pass: 3 Months

Your rewards included a THREE MONTH GIZMOPLEX PASS... but now that we're releasing new episodes each month for 13 months, you also have the option to upgrade to a full GIZMOPLEX SEASON PASS for just $50 more – that's just $5 per extra month – so that you can attend all of the live premieres and special events, and enjoy full Gizmoplex Pass benefits through the end of 2022!

(Or, for just $65 more, you can still upgrade your pledge to the $100 "EXPERIMENT 100" LEVEL to get the full GIZMOPLEX SEASON PASS and DIGITAL DOWNLOADS for all 13 new episodes... plus all of the other rewards in $100 pledge level!)

1.035 - Special Thanks on Social Media
1.035 - A Holiday Card from MST3K
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