Legendary Showdown: Presidential Edition

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Includes Legendary Showdown: Presidential Edition AND one of the following:
* NSFW Expansion
* Influential Women Expansion
* Presidential Medal of Awesomeness
* Secret Society Amulet
* Presidential Secrets: Strange Facts & Lies
* Presidential Battle Magnets

All Backers can:
* Add NSFW and Influential Women expansions for $7 each
* Add a Presidential Medal of Awesomeness, Secret Society Amulet, Presidential Battle Magnet set, or a copy of the book for $10 each
* Add previous Kickstarter coins and magnets for $10 each

Legendary Showdown: Presidential Edition

Take a look into the delightfully shady history of the USA with strange presidential facts, historical humor, and characters you will love. Legendary Showdown: Presidential Edition can be played as a standalone game for 2-7 players, or combined with other editions of Legendary Showdown to expand game play with new strategies, humor, and characters.

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