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Receive one copy of the Knight Tales base game, one copy of the Last Stand expansion, the Neoprene Playmat, 50 Golden Metal Coins, 1 Marbled-Effect Dice Set, 300 Card Sleeves, all applicable stretch goals and the KS exclusive Dragon boss monster. You will be able to add additional items, your language (English or German) and pay for shipping within this pledge manager when it opens up.

Knight Tales - Last Stand Expansion

Receive one copy of the Knight Tales Last Stand expansion.

50 Golden Metal Coins

Receive a set of 50 golden metal coins that may be used to replace the plastic gold tokens of the Knight Tales base game.

Neoprene Playmat

Receive one 120x80cm neoprene playmat with stitched edges.

Marbled-Effect Dice Set

Receive one dice set with a marbled-effect design consisting of 4 knight dice and 8 monster dice (4 red, 4 yellow). These may replace the dice in the Knight Tales base game or may be used in addition.

3 100 Card Sleeves

Receive 100 card sleeves (70x120mm, 100 microns) fitting the Knight Tales cards.

KS Exclusive Dragon Boss Monster

Receive the kickstarter exclusive Dragon boss monster including its tactic cards.

Knight Tales - Base Game

Revceive one copy of the Knight Tales base game.

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