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HydroIce + 6 Pack Aromatherapy
Includes: 1x HydroIce: Our All New Advanced 2nd Generation 1x 6 pack of Aromatherapy Scents: Eucalyptus, Lavender, Tea Tree, Peppermint, Orange and Germ Fighter essential oils can work wonders on your sinuses.
HydroIce 8 in 1 Fan

Our Advanced 2nd generation all new Improved HydroIce™ 8-in-1  portable environmental control unit.  HydroIce features Ultra Air Cooling with effective Air Purification as well. Everything that you need to cool your micro-climate while cleaning out harmful impurities, dust particles, dirt and other pollutants.  It’s whisper quiet and portable making it the most effective Air Cooler.

6 Pack Aromatherapy


1 x 6 pack Aromatherapy essential oil scents that can work wonders on your sinuses.

1 x Eucalyptus 

1 x Lavender 

1 x Tea Tree

1 x Peppermint

1 x Orange and 

1 x Germ Fighter 

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