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Sergeant + Game Mat (late pledge)

1 copy of the Hostage Negotiator: Career expansion, Abductor Packs #9 and #10, AND one custom Game Mat plus all applicable stretch goals. This level is for those of you that already have all or most everything previously released for Hostage Negotiator. See the add-ons chart for any other items you may need to add to round out your collection. Shipping will be charged at a later date based on destination and weight.

OTHER ITEMS YOU MAY STILL NEED to add as an ADD-ON if you were a Chief Backer of Crime Wave and didn't add them or acquire them before now

  • Finale Pack #2 (This was a stretch goal that was not hit, but we are offering as an add-on!)
  • Abductor Pack #8 
  • Meeple Pack #1
  • Dice Tower Promos
  • The Secret Cabal Promo

Late pledges include a $5 late pledge fee.

HN: Career

The Career expansion for Hostage Negotiator.

Abductor Pack #9

Abductor Expansion Pack #9

Abductor Pack #10

Abductor Expansion Pack #10

HN Career Stretch Goal box

Contains Stretch goals achieved in the HN Career Kickstarter including: 5 Year Zero Promo Cards, 2 Career Negotiator promo cards, 1 Frustration Die, 4 custom meeples, 1 Demand Pack #2, Finale Pack #1, a new divider pack, Abductor Rulebook #2, and 1 Custom drawstring bag. 

HN Custom Game Mat

A custom game mat for Hostage Negotiator. Choose one of 4 possible designs

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