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Sergeant (late pledge)

1 copy of the Hostage Negotiator: Career expansion, Abductor Packs #9 and #10, plus all applicable stretch goals. This level is for those of you that already have all or most everything previously released for Hostage Negotiator. See the add-ons chart for any other items you may need to add to round out your collection. Shipping will be charged at a later date based on destination and weight.

OTHER ITEMS YOU MAY STILL NEED to add as an ADD-ON if you were a Chief Backer of Crime Wave and didn't add them or acquire them before now

  • Finale Pack #2 (This was a stretch goal that was not hit, but we are offering as an add-on!)
  • Abductor Pack #8 
  • Meeple Pack #1
  • Dice Tower Promos
  • The Secret Cabal Promo

Late pledges include a $5 late pledge fee.

HN: Career

The Career expansion for Hostage Negotiator.

Abductor Pack #9

Abductor Expansion Pack #9

Abductor Pack #10

Abductor Expansion Pack #10

HN Career Stretch Goal box

Contains Stretch goals achieved in the HN Career Kickstarter including: 5 Year Zero Promo Cards, 2 Career Negotiator promo cards, 1 Frustration Die, 4 custom meeples, 1 Demand Pack #2, Finale Pack #1, a new divider pack, Abductor Rulebook #2, and 1 Custom drawstring bag. 

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