Hide A Mask
Protection and Peace of mind at your fingertips

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10-Pack Hide-a-Mask (All one color)
Get some for whole company! You get 10 hats and washable masks. You will get to be able to choose the color via survey at the end. All hats must ship to one location and all 10 hats must be the same color. 🛡During this survey you will be able to purchase additional washable masks for $12.
10 Hide-A-Mask Essentials

The Hide A Mask hat plus washable face mask gives your protection and peace of mind knowing that your face mask is always at your fingertips.

Jet Black, Midnight Navy, and Wolf Grey feature a luxury mesh back ( not hard plastic) and an adjustable plastic press fit closure.

Army Green and Snow Camo features a canvas back with a velcro fit closure.

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