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Hero Box

CONTENTS (Complete edition plus all the extras)

801 Adventure Cards (Included in Adventure Decks, Reward Deck, Custom Reward Deck, Guardian Deck, Urgh-Nasir Deck, MoD Deck) 

  • 39 Companions +Sadraq + Xelis +Krai + Urduk (Unique Companions)
  • 18 Heroes (Maruf, Raclira, Arkazul, Tyriol, Aedena, Archein, Heinrich, Maktir, Jograth, Lhazara, Midora, Ekidor, Blerr, Shaag, Og'Gun, Kisan) + Heavencry + Daarya (Unique Heroes)
  • 51 Potions and Spell Scrolls
  • 91 Weapons and Armors + Sword of the Truthbearer + Claw of the Betrayer (Unique Weapons)
  • 80 coin Tokens (Punchboard) 
  • 18 Stats Tracking Tokens
  • 33 Endurance Points
  • 36 Hero Skills
  • 97 buffs/debuffs small cards
  • 1 Adventure Board (50x50cm)
  • 5 Hero Boards (41x20cm) + Krai The Lightbringer (Extra Player Board)
  • 1 Urgh-Nasir Board 
  • 1 Master of Dreams Board
  • ADD-ON Bag with 60 unique metallic coins 
  • ADD-ON Stitched Neoprene Adventure Board
  • ADD-ON Krai the Lightbringer 
  • ADD-ON "Tales of Aiine" storybook 
  • ADD-ON The art of Heroes & Gods book

INCLUDES the expansions and the mini-scenarios :

  • Expansion : "The dark hour"
  • Expansion : "The voice of Hayaldrim"
  • Mini-scenario "May Death tremble at my feet"
  • Mini-scenario "The Herald of Fear"
  • Mini-scenario "The Hero of Hadar'Ath"
  • Mini-scenario "No matter the cost"


Hero Pack (Complete game content plus all the extra add-ons) Pre-Order
Expansion - The voice of the Hayaldrim (157 extra cards pack) Pre-Order
Expansion - The Dark Hour (201 extra cards pack) Pre-Order
Mini-scenario "May Death tremble at my feet" (Maruf's campaign) Pre-Order
Mini-scenario "The Herald of Fear" (Raclira's campaign) Pre-Order
Mini-scenario "No matter the cost" (Arkazul's campaign) Pre-Order
Bag with 60 unique metallic coins
The art of Heroes & Gods book
"Tales of Aiine" storybook
Stitched Neoprene Adventure Mat
Krai the Lightbringer
Heavencry the Truthbearer and The Sword of the Truthbearer
Daarya the Betrayer and The Claw of the Betrayer
Xelis and Sadrak Unique Aura Companions
Mini-scenario "The Hero of Hadar'Ath" (Tyriol's campaign) Kickstarter Backer
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