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Commander Box

CONTENTS (Complete game content)

793 Adventure Cards (Included in Adventure Decks, Reward Deck, Guardian Deck, Urgh-Nasir Deck, MoD Deck) 

  • 35 Companions
  • 16 Heroes (Maruf, Raclira, Arkazul, Tyriol, Aedena, Archein, Heinrich, Maktir, Jograth, Lhazara, Midora, Ekidor, Blerr, Shaag, Og'Gun, Kisan) 
  • 51 Potions and Spell Scrolls
  • 89 Weapons and Armors
  • 80 coin Tokens (Punchboard) 
  • 18 Stats Tracking Tokens
  • 33 Endurance Points
  • 32 Hero Skills
  • 97 buffs/debuffs small cards
  • 1 Adventure Board (50x50cm)
  • 4 Hero Boards (41x20cm)
  • 1 Urgh-Nasir Board 
  • 1 Master of Dreams Board

INCLUDES the expansions and the mini-scenarios :

  • Expansion : "The dark hour"
  • Expansion : "The voice of Hayaldrim"
  • Mini-scenario "May Death tremble at my feet"
  • Mini-scenario "The Herald of Fear"
  • Mini-scenario "The Hero of Hadar'Ath"
  • Mini-scenario "No matter the cost"
Commander Pack (Complete Game Content) Pre-Order
Expansion - The voice of the Hayaldrim (157 extra cards pack) Pre-Order
Expansion - The Dark Hour (201 extra cards pack) Pre-Order
Mini-scenario "May Death tremble at my feet" (Maruf's campaign) Pre-Order
Mini-scenario "The Hero of Hadar'Ath" (Tyriol's campaign) Pre-Order
Mini-scenario "The Herald of Fear" (Raclira's campaign) Pre-Order
Mini-scenario "No matter the cost" (Arkazul's campaign) Pre-Order
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