Grip'enGo - the ultimate hydration system
In one motion, it grips, seals and turns virtually any bottle into an instant hydration pack.

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Grip'enGo (2 pack)

This includes; 2 Grip'enGo unit + 2 bite valve + 2 meter of suction tube.

2 Grip'enGo Green (CrowdOx)s

One Grip'enGo assembly. Bite valve and suction tube is not included; they can be ordered separately below.

2 Bite valve 90 degree angle & shutoff (CrowdOx)s

This bite valve has a silicone mouth piece and a 90 degree angled head. The operator needs to lightly bite down to on the silicone to open the liquid flow. It also comes with a manual shutoff valve to prevent leaking while on the trail (shutoff valve needs to be in the open position for liquid to flow).

2 Low Temp Suction Tube (CrowdOx)s

This is the suction tube material is what most current hydration systems use. It is durable and flexible. You cannot boil (to sterilize) this suction tube without permanently damaging its physical properties.

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