A cooperative strategy game for 1-5 heroes!

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All-In: Gameplay (w/ Miniatures)

One copy of the Kickstarter Exclusive edition of Freedom Five and all applicable Stretch Goals PLUS The Cosmic Threats Expansion, Community Campaign Membership & Community Team-Up Pack with unpainted miniatures.

Freedom Five Core Game (KS Version)

Kickstarter version of Freedom Five Core Game with all non-painted miniatures!

(Kickstarter Exclusive)

Cosmic Threats Expansion (KS Version)

Extend your heroic adventure! Featuring new heroes, scenarios, masterminds, villains and more!

(Kickstarter version including unpainted miniatures)

Team-Up Pack: Parse & The Scholar (KS version) (Non-Painted)

Two new playable Heroes (Parse and The Scholar), including their Ability Cards, Player Boards, Personal Task Cards and any special tokens. Includes character standees & KS Exclusive non-painted miniatures!

(Kickstarter Exclusive)

Community Campaign Membership

A PDF campaign delivered in three installments over the course of a year.

All new art! Community driven story! Members get to vote on chapter endings and help shape the future of Megalopolis!

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