A cooperative strategy game for 1-5 heroes!

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Sentinel (Hero + Cosmetic Bundle)

One copy of the Kickstarter Exclusive edition of Freedom Five and all applicable Stretch Goals PLUS upgrades: Pre-painted miniatures, Heroic Dice set, the F5 Card Sleeve pack, Holo-Foil Promo Pack, Art & Card Creator Pack and Community Campaign Membership!

Core Game Card Sleeves

Enough custom card sleeves for all standard sized cards in the Expanded Core Game and Community Team-Up Pack.

(Cosmetic - KS Exclusive)

Heroic Dice

13 large resin dice featuring semi-translucent and colorful acrylic inclusions.

(Cosmetic Kickstarter Exclusive)

Holo-Foil Promo Pack

A copy of a signature Ability card in each of the Heroes' decks with a special holographic foil finish!

(Cosmetic Kickstarter Exclusive)

Community Campaign Membership

A PDF campaign delivered in three installments over the course of a year.

All new art! Community driven story! Members get to vote on chapter endings and help shape the future of Megalopolis!

Art and Card Creator Pack

Digital art files and access to easily editable PSD files that let you further customize your experience!

Painted Freedom Five Core Game (KS Version)

Kickstarter version of Freedom Five Core Game with all miniatures pre-painted!

(Cosmetic - Kickstarter Exclusive)

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