Reign of Cthulhu: A Lovecraft inspired Augmented Reality RPG

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Product Tester

Be the 1st to check out every new item we make! You can be a part of the Alpha / Beta testing and even be the 1st to see our latest designs before they’re released for the next season.

Limited Edition Autographed Blood of Cthulhu Poster, which is AR activated and has a portal to a secret section of the underwater city of R'Lyeh.

Boundary Guardian to protect the outskirts of your clan's territory. Keep them alive and they’ll let no one through!

Unique emerges bring your shirt to life when it gets activated. Everyone can see through AR that your shirt has a special graphic since you are an early supporter.

Limited Edition Autographed Blood of Cthulhu Poster
Special Physical Game Card Deck with AR Activation
Digital Wallpaper
Digital Art Book
Unique Emerges
2 Loot Crates
5 Rare Portals
Boundary Guardian
AR Faction Beacon
Digital Card Deck
HQ Wild Deck - Research or Fortification
3 Rare Card (In Game)s
3 AR Activated Shirts

Get to play the game when it’s released and choose your faction! This tier lets you enjoy the game they way it’s meant to be played. Did you think we wouldn’t let you play in style? Wear your T-shirt and Play it #WearItPlayIt

Wearable Pin (Kickstarter Edition)
All 3 Faction Headquarters in Full Virtual Reality
Secret Room with 3 Easter Eggs
Digital Tags for Physical Locations
Personal Crafting System
All 3 Heroes from a Single Faction
Ability to Create Team Crest
2 Cosmic Loot Crates
3 AR Activated Shirt - Autographeds
Access to Closed Facebook and Twitter Groups
Artifact Pet

Get your very own Digital Artifact Pet to greatly increase your chances of finding rare portals. Portals differ in rarity and are your key to the game. They can be shared with members from your faction. In the portals you’ll find: NPCs, quests, new additions to your card deck, and rare items. Life is a little easier with your metal buddy by your side.

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