Reign of Cthulhu: A Lovecraft inspired Augmented Reality RPG

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Wear One Give One

Choose 2 factions to receive your 2 t-shirts. Wear one and give the other to your gaming partner! We love how our game brings people together, and we made this pledge tier for you.

HQ Wild Deck:
Research - Items take time to research to use. With the research deck, you’ll be able to cut that time down.
Fortification - Secures and your portals

*2 shirts total
*2 loot crates total

Digital Wallpaper
Digital Art Book
2 Loot Crates
AR Faction Beacon
Digital Card Deck
HQ Wild Deck - Research or Fortification
3 Rare Card (In Game)s
2 AR Activated Shirts

Get to play the game when it’s released and choose your faction! This tier lets you enjoy the game they way it’s meant to be played. Did you think we wouldn’t let you play in style? Wear your T-shirt and Play it #WearItPlayIt

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