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We have just about doubled the size of this campaign and we want you to have it all. Get everything Firebitch 2 campaign has to offer! Too many items to list individually! All book cover tiers, all book add ons, all art prints, all cosplay prints, add ons, body pillowcase! Not only that but you get a 1 of 6 Black Linen Producer Book (two reserved for Executive Producers.)Producer credit in the comic AND the music album! You will forever be a part of comic book history AND nerd-rock music history as well! Sketch Cover with art and colors.11x17 Catching Fire Jeweled Art Print. You can be part of our crew with a 183 Degree Studio Team Member Shirt as well! Send me your size when you pledge. Free shipping in the US.

Please feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions in regards to this tier.

Firebitch Campaign Stretch Goal Pack

This is the stretch goal pack from the Firebitch 2 campaign. Snag some extra swag for a friend :)

Name in the book - Thank You :)
Firebitch 2 Campaign - Book Tiers
Producer Credit Book and Music Album
183 Degree Shirt

Become a part of the team! Snag this 183 Degree T-shirt!

Blank Sketch Cover

Have your favorite artist draw on this issue 2 Strathmore Blank Sketch Cover. (Does Not Come With Art)

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