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Full Fright (Late Pledge)

Includes the four main Feature Film boxes. The Bonus Feature Film and Vignette Expansion must be added on separately and is not included in the Late Pledge. 

***Shipping to be charged at a later date once product weights have been finalized! Surveys will be reopened once shipping has been applied!***

Final Girl Core Box

One Final Girl Core box with everything needed to play in combination with any Feature Film Box.

Happy Trails Horror Feature Film

Summer camp turns deadly in: The Happy Trails Horror. Produced by Evan Derrick, this Feature Film box stars Hans - The Butcher, who murders and feasts on unsuspecting campers. When an unlikely heroine emerges, will it be enough to stop the killing? Don’t miss this engrossing film with gorgeous scenes from Director of Photography, Tyler Johnson.

Haunting of Creech Manor

When a family move into Creech Manor, their little girl Carolyn begins noticing Supernatural Phenomena. Produced by A.J. Porfirio, this Feature Film box has a killer of a different kind! Can the babysitter-turned-savior find Carolyn and get out before it’s too late? Tyler Johnson, reprises his role as Director of Photography in: The Poltergeist of Creech Manor.

Slaughter in the Groves

Each year, thousands of tourists flock to the “Ancient Groves” in Africa to see ancient and beautiful setting, artifacts, and places of worship. Vacations turn to nightmares when the masked killer, Inkanyamba arrives to exact revenge of behalf of the gods. Slaughter in the Groves is produced by Evan Derrick with scenes by talented Director of Photography Tumo Mere.

Carnage at the Carnival

Geppetto wanted a family of his own. Using inspiration from his favorite stories and with the help of dark rituals, he decided to make his own. This circus is just a front to find more “new additions” to the family. A surefire hit, Carnival of Blood is produced by Shaun Varsos with striking scenes from Director of Photography Vladyslava Ladkova.

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