Endogenesis: Beyond (Reprint & Expansion)

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Expansion Package (Base Game Required)


(Base Game required) Includes one copy of the Endogenesis: Beyond expansion with all unlocked stretch goals, an upgrade pack to upgrade your Endogenesis base game to the 2nd edition, and one FREE Player Mat worth S$9! Verification is required for this tier to confirm you have previously purchased the base game. FREE SHIPPING to USA and China! For all other countries, shipping will be charged through a pledge manager after the campaign ends.

Endogenesis: Beyond

A physical copy of the Endogenesis: Beyond expansion, with all applicable unlocked stretch goals. Endogenesis 2nd Edition required.

Player Mat

This neoprene mat provides a convenient and aesthetically pleasing way to organize your Skills and track your character progression.

2nd Edition Upgrade Pack — Cards

(Only for returning backers) The card component of the 2nd edition upgrade pack.

2nd Edition Upgrade Pack — Rulebook

(Only for returning backers) The rulebook component of the 2nd edition upgrade pack.

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