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Earth 2.0 Fitness System + 3 ACCESSORIES🐣 Super Early Bird Price -- SAVE 221€ --↳ 58% OFF JUMP ROPE SYSTEM ↳ 3 ACCESSORIES INCLUDED : ALL CABLES AND WEIGHTS*Shipping will be charged after the campaign. See FAQ for details.*Colors and Extra Add-Ons will be selected in the post-campaign survey.
Earth 2.0 Jump Rope System

Retail Price: 115 €

 Earth 2.0 Training System Including: 

  • Earth 2.0 Handles
  • 4mm Standard Cable
  • Carry Bag
Earth 2.0 Monster Cable 8 mm

Retail Price : 44 €

8 mm Monster Cable for Earth 2.0. Muscles get warmer. Workouts heat up like never before.  Your training heightened to a whole new level. 

Earth 2.0 Speed Cable 2,5mm

Retail Price : 24 €

2,5 mm Cable. Speed Cable for the Earth 2.0 Jump Rope System. Specially designed for those who like speed. 

Crush your double unders like never before and save energy for other movements. 

Earth 2.0 Standard Weights 50g + 100g

Retail Price: 68 € 

Add 50g or 150g to the Earth 2.0 Jump Rope and start feeling the heat in your muscles!  

Super easy to screw and unscrew. 

Earth 2.0 Heavy Weights 200g

Retail Price : 68 € 

2 x 200 gr Earth 2.0 Heavy Weights. More weight, more muscle, more fun.

Earth 2.0 Complete Pack Carry Case

Retail Price: 25 €. 

Complete System Carry Bag. Recommended only for Complete or Mat Pack Pledges as the Earth 2.0 comes with a small carry bag already included. 

Apart from the Earth 2.0 Carry Bag, you can add this special carry bag to carry the entire Earth 2.0 Complete Pack including Earth 2.0 jump rope, all weights, and all cables.

Training App Early Access + Jump Rope Academy

Velites Training App and Academy Early Access. 

Backers will be notified via e-mail when the app is available for download.

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