Dragon Forged Polyhedral Dice and LED Dice Vault
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Dragon Forged LED Pro Bundle x 5

Includes: Five LED dice vaults, five polyhedral dice sets, five Gravity Dice carry bags, five D20 keychains, and five bumper stickers.

5 Dragon Forged Dice Vaults

Includes one LED-lit dice vault. Holds up to 8 polyhedral dice or 9 D6s.

Materials: Outer tube - ABS plastic with screw-on lid; Inner tube - polycarbonate plastic (height: 6.25", diameter: 1.25"); Multi-color LED circuit board with rechargeable battery.

5 Polyhedral Dice Sets

Includes the following seven dice: D4, D6, D8, D10, D10%, D12, D20. All color options have gold numbering.

5 D20 Keychains

Standard-sized 20mm D20 die with metal chain and key ring attached.

5 Bumper Stickers

Just a fun sticker that you can put anywhere you would like. We offer a standard size of 11" x 3" and a selection of 3 different images on our "Crit a day" slogan.

5 Gravity Dice Carry Bags

Soft microfiber black bag with drawstring and cinch. We will select the appropriate size for your products.

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