Double Dip Bars - The Best of Both

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Mega Double(Double Dip and Mega Bar)


Mega Bar

The Legendary Mega Bar! Builder of all muscles, Ruler of the bar kingdom, god of the home workout product universe.

Take advantage of this free shipping and back order discount price, that's $30 taken off the usual price of $160.

Together with Double Dip you'll have the ultimate equipment package in calisthenics and all resistance training styles! With these two in your collection, your workouts become unstoppable and consistent, you'll never need to buy equipment again.

Double Dip

The Best of Both! The new leader of the Parallette world, the new king of the Dip empire, the commander of the push up bar forces. The evolution-er of bodyweight.

You've already got your Double Dip, but if there's someone special you think you should get one for, now is the chance.

Take advantage of this Kickstarter price and free shipping if you are interested in having a second one for yourself or for a friend,lover,family or even enemy.

Double Dip will be $125 after this survey.

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