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Legendary Captain

Includes the Base Game, Saga 1 Deep Legends, Custom Sleeves, Ghost Ship, Sea Dogs, and all Crossed Sword and Barrel Icon Unlocks from the Daily Discoveries.

Please See Terms & Conditions on the Kickstarter Campaign for More Details

Dead Reckoning Base Game

This is the Dead Reckoning game identical to the Deck Hand Reward, including all the Barrel Icon unlocks revealed on the Daily Discoveries during the Kickstarter.

Saga 1 Expansion Deep Legends

This is the first Saga Expansion, Deep Legends. It includes new card crafting components, mystery boxes, new rules, and other components. Compatible with competitive, solo & CoOp play modes. Saga content can be added or removed by the player as desired; this is not a "legacy" experience where contents are permanently destroyed or altered.

Sea Dogs

These additional crew cards are used to provide asymmetric abilities to each player's deck as a fun alternate way to play or as a part of the Campaign Mode rules used with Saga Expansion 1 Deep Legends. (Saga Expansion 1 not required)

Ghost Ship

This is an alternate component for the Broadside System which replaces the default ship. Room in the main game box for one ship is provided; the other ship will need to be stored separately.

Custom Sleeves

These sleeves are used to make 4 distinct decks. The base game contains sleeves for all the cards but all the card sleeves have the same backs. With these custom sleeves you can sort the decks into the four player decks quickly!

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