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Second Base
Main books minus the clear, see through cover.
Confessions Main Cover Painted Lady

Is it a photo or a painting? Why not both ;) This painted photo cover was the very first but surely not the last. Join me on this adventure through cosplay as we explore the inner workings and behind the scenes confessions from the cosplay DIVA herself, Cara Nicole aka AzPowergirl.
With 44 beautiful glossy pages this book is more than meets the eye. From pin-ups to prose, this book has something for everyone.

Confessions Cover 2 Rebel Scum

Hot Slave Leia Cover! Because who doesn't want a little rebel in their life ;) This beautiful boutique cover is printed on high quality collector grade stock. Inside you will find 44 pages of pinups and prose in full glossy cover. The stories of convention life and how it all began are sure to keep anyone with even basic reading skills asking for more. This cover is sure to push anyone over to the darkside ;)

Confessions Cover 3: Jinkies

Get it, Velma! Who doesn't want to solve a mystery with this saucy seductress? Join her through this journey and solve the mystery of the cosplay DIVA. Through 44 pages of prose and pin-ups, you are sure to unmask quite a few of your favorite villains.

Confessions 1: Monochrome

Domino dons this cover shot in the snowy mountains. This beautiful 44 page book is filled to the brim with pin-ups and confessions from the cosplay DIVA herself.

Confessions Cover 4: Seductive

Pg in lingerie ;) Who could ask for anything more? How about 44 pages more? This boutique book is printed in full glossy digital colors. Loaded with prose and pin-ups from cosplay to the boudoir, there is something for everyone. Comic book sized and grade-able for any collector.

Confessions Linen Cover: Great Outdoors

Poly Gunn

Confessions Foil Cover: Cats Meow

Meow chica meow meow!! Shine like a diamond with this rainbow foil Black Cat cover. With 44 pages of glossy colorful pin-ups and prose, this is a collectors dream. Comic book sized for easy bagging and boarding or grading.

Confessions Spot Foil: Vampirella

This gorgeous Vampirella cover comes in spot foil so all that glitters will be gold. With 44 pages of full color, full glossy, pin ups and prose from the cosplay DIVA herself, you're sure to be once bitten, twice shy ;)

Jeweled Wonder

Printed on Holofoil and hand jeweled by master jeweler Shannon Galarneau. This is a first for me and I am so excited to offer this wonderful cover to you. With 44 pages of full color, glossy prose and pin-ups, you will be entertained beneath the stars ;)

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