The Mechanical Book of Secrets

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The Maximis | 3 Page Themed Ed.

This variant is a smaller, more lightweight version of the Original Codex. Instead of having all of the puzzles, you can get this gorgeous centerpiece for your living room or office space and be the talk of the town!

  • Choice of Accent Color
  • Choice of Light or Dark Palette Stains
  • Choice of 1 of 5 Design Theme Storylines Engraved into the Book
  • Choose the type of puzzle for your Third Puzzle
    [Maze, Paradox, Ven Dais, Master Keys, or Merchant's Emporium]

ADD $200 to your Pledge - Get the book aged, distressed and highlighted with metallic foil to match your Archaic Codex!

ADD $150 to your Pledge - Customize your book entirely, from the text to the Images that are engraved on it. We reserve the right to refuse HEAVY levels of customization if we believe it isn't feasible. Also we don't do copyright imagery. This makes the book great for D&D campaigns, Wedding Proposals, Grandma's Recipe Book, and SOOOO much more!Higher tiers can add this on to their pledge by adding the cost

Choose your Accent Color

Choose the accent color stain used for your book, Red, Green, Blue, Black, or Yellow! New unlocked colors, Orange, Purple, and Teal

Choose your Design Theme

Choose from one of the five unique Design Themes and Storylines! Norse, Mayan, Necronomicon, Egyptian, or Da Vinci!

Maximis | 3 Page

The 3 Page Edition | Maximis

Choose your book's Stain Palette

You can choose the overall stain theme/look of the Codex between Light or Dark.

Choose the Base Language for the Stories.

You will be able to choose between English, Spanish, French, or German for your book's story to be translated into.

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