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Deluxe Everything

You will get the Deluxe Rulebook, the PDF, any unlocked digital content, plus all the accessories: A Miniatures Set, STL files, Compass Rose, Inspiration Tokens, Inspiration Pool Mat, Dice Tray, All Rolled up and Art Cards. 

BEOWULF: Age of Heroes Miniatures Set

A gorgeous set of eight Heroes and one Monster in 28mm white metal!

Designed by Jon Hodgson and Sculpted by Richard Dickens.

Miniatures are supplied unpainted. Round, laser-cut MDF bases are included.

The monster comes in several simple parts, as does Alys the Shield Maiden. All other miniatures are single-part castings.

BEOWULF Compass Rose

Every journey needs a way-finder. Keep your battle maps pinned down, and North at the top with this absolutely STUNNING, unique Compass Rose.

Designed by Paul Bourne, and made by the geniuses at Campaign Coins, this is something to truly treasure, and is a worthy souvenir of the campaign. Measuring 50mm in diameter, and weighing in at 40g, this is a beautiful chunk of metal. I can safely guarantee this will be the one reward that we will hear about for years to come, especially from people who didn’t get one.

BEOWULF Inspiration Token Set

A set of five weighty metal coins, in an antique gold finish featuring beautiful BEOWULF designs by Paul Bourne inset with gems. Ok the gems aren’t real gems. But they look amazing!

The tokens are 39mm across, and 4mm deep. They each weigh 25 grams. They come in a set of 5. Which gives you 4 for the Inspiration Pool and 1 spare, in case your character wins inspiration separately.

These tokens can of course be used for any 5e game, or indeed any game at all that requires meaty, gorgeous, knot-whorled coins worthy of HEROES!


One of the very first products we made at Handiwork Games was dice trays! Partnering with our friends at All Rolled Up, we’ve brought a wide range of different dice trays to market.

All Rolled Up make fantastic trays that simply clip together at the corners. When unclipped you can fold or roll them very easily for transportation.

This dice tray is exclusive to the kickstarter, and won't be produced again after the initial batch. 

BEOWULF Inspiration Pool Mat

As part of the BEOWULF: Age of Heroes ruleset, each Hero has access to a pool of Inspiration. These are divided into tokens they can use for their Followers, Tokens they can use any way they like, and there is also a deadly pool of dread Monster tokens. How the pool is divided up is determined by the Portent at the outset of the adventure.

With graphics by Paul Bourne, expertly printed by Patriot Games in the UK on 3mm neoprene, with whipstitched edges, this is the perfect setting for your Inspiration Tokens. It's 21cm/8.25 inches square. Trust us, it’s worth it!

BEOWULF All Rolled Up

To keep your game-gear safe you need an All Rolled Up! These unique and wonderful dice bag/card holder/pen holder, dice tray holders were designed by Fil of All Rolled Up, and once you’ve used one it’s hard to imagine not owning one. When Fil saw our BEOWULF art, she immediately suggested making All Rolled Ups with some really attractive matching fabric.

We're making a special design for the campaign, and the images here are an example of one of our existing ARUs, available on our web store, but it should give you an idea of what to expect.

This particular ARU will be exclusive to the Kickstarter, and only a single production run will be made. 


A set of 5 beautiful, heavyweight, glossy art cards, featuring the Beowulf graphics of Paul Bourne, PLUS another 5 heavyweight, glossy art cards, featuring the art of Jon Hodgson unlocked during the campaign!

We'll pick the best and most useful Jon Hodgson images when we've illustrated the rulebook.

BEOWULF Miniatures STL-files Alys

The STL file for the Alys character.

BEOWULF Miniatures STL-files Uthman

The STL file for the Uthman character.

BEOWULF Miniatures STL-files Eadig

The STL file for the Eadig character.

BEOWULF Miniatures STL-files Waewulf

The STL file for the Waewulf character.

BEOWULF Miniatures STL-files Cwenhild

The STL file for the Cwenhild character.

BEOWULF Miniatures STL-files Blaedswith

The STL file for the Blaedswith character.

BEOWULF Miniatures STL-files Muthbona

The STL file for the Muthbona Monster.

BEOWULF: Age of Heroes Deluxe Rulebook

The super fancy deluxe rulebook has a faux-leather cover with foiled design. It's beautiful. 240 pages long, in full colour.

Includes a free copy of the BEOWULF: Age of Heroes PDF.

BEOWULF Digital Pack

Digital Content for Backers unlocked throughout the campaign, including free adventures from our guest writers.

BEOWULF: Age of Heroes Rulebook PDF

The setting and rules PDF at the heart of the campaign. Full-colour, 240 pages long, fully bookmarked and hyperlinked, BEOWULF: Age of Heroes PDF will be gorgeous.

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