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BEOWULF Rulebook + PDF
You’ll get the physical BEOWULF rulebook and the PDF.You will also get any digital content unlocked.You can also add additional funds for any add ons you’d like.
BEOWULF: Age of Heroes Rulebook

The setting and rules book at the heart of the campaign. Hardcover, full-colour, 240 pages long, and with a gloss UV cover design overlaying the art, BEOWULF: Age of Heroes will be gorgeous.

Includes a free copy of the BEOWULF: Age of Heroes PDF.

BEOWULF Digital Pack

Digital Content for Backers unlocked throughout the campaign, including free adventures from our guest writers.

BEOWULF: Age of Heroes Rulebook PDF

The setting and rules PDF at the heart of the campaign. Full-colour, 240 pages long, fully bookmarked and hyperlinked, BEOWULF: Age of Heroes PDF will be gorgeous.

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