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MERCHANT CASTE (Retailers Only)

The mart of war......

  • Receives: Clan Invasion Box with Kickstarter-exclusive cover (x6), Clan Salvage Box (x12), UrbanMech Salvage Box (x6), Legendary Salvage Box (x6), Exclusive Faction Challenge Coin (x6), Faction Insignia Dice (6 Pair), MechWarrior Pilot Card Pack (Choice, x6), Clan Daggerstar Keychain (x6), Exclusive Posters (6x Set of 3), Record Sheets (Wave 1 x6), and our Digital Cornucopia (27 files!) as well as one free issue of the new BattleTech digital magazine and a key (x6) to the "proof of concept app" for BattleTech record sheets.
  • Value of the MERCHANT CASTE pledge level has been adjusted to reflect removal of the Record Sheet Book (Wave 2). This item may still be purchased as Add-ons at the backer's discretion.
6 Faction Challenge Coins (Individual) [Wave 1]s

Each coin is 40mm diameter round (Inner Sphere) and 38mm height pentagon (Clan). Black-enamel-and-bright-gold will be exclusive to this Kickstarter Campaign. 

Included are logos from all twenty Clans, five Great Houses of the Inner Sphere (plus the Federated Commonwealth), two elite mercenary commands, ComStar and the Free Rasalhague Republic.

6 Faction Insignia Dice (Individual) [Wave 1]s

One pair of 16mm dice shows the insignia of a Clan or Inner Sphere faction in place of the "6." The dice are translucent in a color matching the faction's primary color.

Included are 30 logos. All twenty Clans, five Great Houses of the Inner Sphere (plus the Federated Commonwealth), two elite mercenary commands, ComStar and the Free Rasalhague Republic.

6 Posters (Set of 3) [Wave 1]s

Each folded poster opens up to 22" x 30", double-sided.

This set of exclusive posters includes: the Clan Juggernaut / Homeworld Map, MW Destiny Cover / Kickstarter-exclusive Clan Invasion Box Set Cover, and a third double-sided poster containing two new pieces of art (TBD/TBD).

12 Salvage Box: Clan Invasion [Wave 1]s

Each Salvage Box contains a random OmniMech from the following list:

  • Executioner, Timber Wolf, Nova, Grendel, Adder, Dire Wolf, Stormcrow, Shadow Cat, Mist Lynx, Summoner, Gargoyle, Mad Dog, Hellbringer Viper and Ice Ferret.

6 Salvage Box: UrbanMech [Wave 1]s

Each UrbanMech Salvage Box contains a single UrbanMech miniature and Pilot card.

6 Salvage Box: Legendary (Restricted) [Wave 1]s

Each Legendary Salvage Box contains a single, random miniature, along with a Pilot card, from the following list:

  • Dire Wolf Widowmaker (Natasha Kerensky), Timber Wolf Pryde (Aidan Pryde), Archer (Morgan Kell), Marauder (Grayson Death Carlyle).

6 MechWarrior Pilots: Card Packs [Wave 1]s

Your choice of two packs of nine MechWarrior Pilot cards:

  • Pilot Card Pack #1
  • Pilot Card Pack #2
6 Clan Invasion Box Set [Wave 1]s

BattleTech is the world’s greatest armored combat game! Clan Invasion includes everything you need to add Clans to your table. (This copy has a Kickstarter-exclusive cover.)


  • 5 high-quality, fully assembled (unpainted) BattleMech miniatures
  • 2 high-quality, fully assembled (unpainted) Elemental battle armor miniatures
  • Rulebook
  • Record Sheet Booklet
  • Fiction novella
  • Universe Primer
  • 10 Pilot Cards
  • 5 Alpha Strike Cards
  • heavy-stock reference sheet
  • Two 18” x 22” full-color paper maps (double-sided)
  • Punchboard of additional BattleMechs and terrain
  • 2 dice
  • poster
6 Daggerstar Keychain [Wave 1]s

2.5" long, with a colored-enamel "daggerstar"

6 Reinforcements: Record Sheet Book #1 [Wave 1]s

B&W Record Sheet books with game sheets for all 'Mechs in Wave 1.  

Shrapnel: A Digital Magazine Issue #1 [When Finished]

The first issue of our new digital-only magazine. A blend between the old MF Quarterly and BattleTechnology magazine of the 80's! New fiction. New scenarios. 

  • Warrior and above receive this issue for free!
Digital Reward 08: MechWarrior: Legends [When Finished] [COMSTAR & Above]

Natasha Kerensky and the Black Widow's Warhammer. Grayson Carlyle and his Marauder. Vlad Ward and his Timber Wolf. MechWarrior: Legends is a full-color, hard back book featuring all-new color art, utilizing the redesigned 3D files of this campaign, detailing the most beloved and quintessential MechWarriors and BattleMechs, whether against the Great Houses, or the Children of Kerensky.

  • Note: the physical book purchase INCLUDES this pdf for free.
Digital Reward 01A: Campaign Short Story "A New Game" [COMSTAR & Above]

This short story was delivered to everyone who backed the campaign.

Digital Reward 02: Exclusive Campaign Short Story "Rules of Engagement" [COMSTAR & Above]

This short story is for the exclusive enjoyment of our Kickstarter backers, for crushing the Social Media Mission: Fund in less than 1 hour!

Total elapsed time: About 7 minutes!

Digital Reward 03A: Digital Wallpaper "Clan Juggernaut" [COMSTAR & Above]

Digital wallpaper of the Clan Invasion "Clan Juggernaut" art.

Digital Reward 03B: Digital Wallpaper "TR3050" [COMSTAR & Above]

The original TRO 3050 art as digital wallpaper.

Digital Reward 03C: Digital Wallpaper "Inner Sphere Response" [COMSTAR & Above]

The third digital wallpaper reward.

Digital Reward 04A: Digital Scenario #1 "Grand Melee" [When Finished] [COMSTAR & Above]

Digital Scenario #1: Grand Melee.

Digital Reward 04B : Digital Scenario #2 "Trial of Position" [When Finished] [COMSTAR & Above]

Digital Scenario #2: Trial of Position.

Digital Reward 04C : Digital Scenario #3 "Batchall" [When Finished] [COMSTAR & Above]

Digital Scenario #3: Batchall.

Digital Reward 04D: Digital Scenario #4 "Diminishing Returns" [COMSTAR & Above]

Digital Scenario #4: Diminishing Returns.

Digital Reward 04E: Digital Scenario #5 "Last Stand" [COMSTAR & Above]

Digital Scenario #5: Last Stand.

Digital Reward 05A: Proliferation Cycle #1 "Break-Away" [COMSTAR & Above]

Proliferation Cycle #1 "Break-Away" by Ilsa J. Bick.

Digital Reward 05B: Proliferation Cycle #2 "Prometheus Unbound" [COMSTAR & Above]

Proliferation Cycle #2 "Prometheus Unbound" by Herbert A. Beas II.

Digital Reward 05C: Proliferation Cycle #3 "Nothing Ventured" [COMSTAR & Above]

Proliferation Cycle #3 "Nothing Ventured" by Christoffer Trossen.

Digital Reward 05D: Proliferation Cycle #4 "Fall Down Seven Times, Get Up Eight" [COMSTAR & Above]

Proliferation Cycle #4 "Fall Down Seven Times, Get Up Eight" by Randall N. Bills.

Digital Reward 05E: Proliferation Cycle #5 "A Dish Served Cold" [COMSTAR & Above]

Proliferation Cycle #5 "A Dis Served Cold" by Chris Hartford and Jason M. Hardy.

Digital Reward 05F: Proliferation Cycle #6 "The Spider Dances" [COMSTAR & Above]

Proliferation Cycle #6 "The Spider Dances" by Jason Schmetzer.

Digital Reward 06: Revised Clan invasion Guide [When Finished] [COMSTAR & Above]

Expanded version of the Clan Invasion box "Guide to the Clans?"

Digital Reward 07: Proof of Concept App [When Finished] [COMSTAR & Above]

This app will be used to test a proof of concept for BattleTech record sheets on phones and tablets.

Digital Reward 09A: Novel "Fall From Glory: Founding of the Clans Vol 1" [When Finished] [WARRIOR & Above]

Fall From Glory: Founding of the Clans Vol 1 by Randall N. Bills.

Digital Reward 09B: Novel "Visions of Rebirth: Founding of the Clans Vol 2" [When Finished] [WARRIOR & Above]

Visions of Rebirth: Founding of the Clans Vol 2 by Randall N. Bills.

Digital Reward 09C: Novel "Forging of Blood: Founding of the Clans Vol 3" [When Finished] [WARRIOR & Above]

Forging of Blood: Founding of the Clans Vol 3 by Randall N. Bills.

Digital Reward 10A: "Honor & Glory" Short Story [When Finished] [RISTAR & Above]

Honor & Glory: A new short story.

Digital Reward 11: Wolf's Dragoons Origin Story [When Finished] [RISTAR & Above]

The Wolf's Dragoons origin story, by Michael A. Stackpole and Loren L. Coleman.

Digital Reward 10B: "Honor & Glory II" Novella [When Finished] [STAR COMMANDER & Above]

Honor & Glory II: A new novella.

Digital Reward 10C: "Honor & Glory III" Novel [When Finished] [STAR COMMANDER & Above]

Honor & Glory III: A new novel.

Digital Reward 13: CamoSpecs: A Unit Art Manual [When Finished] [RISTAR & Above]

Pattered after the MechWarrior Online Unit Art Compendium, this PDF will include a variety of paint schemes for various combat commands from the various factions, appropriate to each design, along with text discussing those details.

Digital Reward 01B: Campaign Short Story "The Field is Lost" [COMSTAR & Above]

This short story was delivered to everyone who backed the campaign.

BattleTech Fiction: Redemption & Malice

Catalyst wanted to post a free story to everyone for being so incredibly cool about the delays we are experiencing in China. 

Thank you!

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