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Cross Trainer Collector's Bundle

Includes:  Stagnetic Deck, Draylight Deck, Cross Trainers Truth Seeker Deluxe Box (which includes a collector's box, 18 power cards, exclusive punch tokens, and 6 Cross Trainers Booster Packs).

Stagnetic Strategy Deck

This 54 card strategy deck is ready to play! Themed around the character "Stagnetic", this deck includes: 54 card Faith and Love themed deck, Stagnetic themed player token and power tokens, playmat, deck box, and Stagnetic ULTRA holographic card!

Draylight Strategy Deck

Grab this ready-to-play Draylight 54 card strategy deck and challenge a friend! Includes 54 cards, Draylight themed deck box, playmat, and power tokens- in addition to one Draylight ULTRA holographic card!

Cross Trainers Collectors Kit

Collectors / Storage Box containing 18 Power Cards, Exclusive Punch Tokens, and (6) Cross Trainers Booster Packs.  

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