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Stagnetic Strategy Deck

The Stagnetic 54-Card Strategy Deck gives you everything you need to challenge a friend or friends with a well-balanced, pre-structured, game deck.  To play Sharpen Your Sword, each player will need to play with their own deck.   Use this deck to play as-is, or use as a base to modify- by adding or swapping out cards form other decks or booster packs.  This deck provides everything you need to play "Hide it in Your Heart" with 2-5 players.  Instructions for both games are included, as well as a fold-out poster playmat, score tracker, and power tokens.

Stagnetic Strategy Deck

This 54 card strategy deck is ready to play! Themed around the character "Stagnetic", this deck includes: 54 card Faith and Love themed deck, Stagnetic themed player token and power tokens, playmat, deck box, and Stagnetic ULTRA holographic card!

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