Althingi: One Will Rise
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Lawspeaker: Althingi + Coin + Mat + Mask

Your mastery of Icelandic law is unparalleled. The keenness of your judgement is sharp as Odin's spear. Friends are quick to seek your counsel and enemies shudder in fear of your wrath. Now the stage is set for the events that will be recorded in your own personal saga with your ALTHINGI GAME + LIMITED EDITION 1.5" LAWSPEAKER COIN + PREMIUM 2MM 12x24: NEOPRENE ALTHINGI GAME MAT + TWO CUSTOM SIGRUN DESIGNS YOUNGER FUTHARKS MASKS + ALL STRETCH GOAL UPGRADES AND EXPANSIONS. 

Althingi Base Game

Althingi is a quick set-up, fast-play game of strength and influence for 2-4 players based in Viking-Age Iceland. Each player takes on the role of a powerful Chieftain and tries to take control of the annual gathering known as the Althingi through bribery, coercion, and intimidation.

Althingi Lawspeaker Coin (Limited Edition 1.5")

A limited edition metal coin.

Althingi Game Mat (Premium 2MM 16.5" x 24")

A limited edition neoprene mat to be used for the play board!

2 Sigrun Althingi Face Masks
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